Baptism and Communion

Through baptism, we are reconciled to God and one another. We are initiated and adopted into the family of God's people through every time and place.

In the United Church of Christ, we practice both infant baptism and believer baptism. When we present our infants as young children for baptism, we vow to raise them in the Christian faith until such time that they come of age to confirm their baptism, taking it on as their own. You do not need to be a member of this church to present your child for baptism, as long as you are part of a faith community in your hometown.

We also practice believer baptism, welcoming older youth and adults to affirm their desire to participate in the new life as a follower of the way of Jesus. Learn more by contacting one of our Pastors through the First Parish Church Office. They will meet with you and discuss your intention to raise your children in the context of Christian community, offering them the nurture of the church, and/or to express your own desire to enter a new relationship with God initiated through baptism.

If you would like to have your child baptized, please contact our Senior Pastor Rev. Estelle Margarones, at the church office 207-363-3758. 

Celebrating Communion

This communion table is open to all who seek the presence of the Risen Christ. We eat the bread together, as a symbol of our divinely intended unity. We drink the cup individually as a symbol of our divinely intended uniqueness.

We invite you to join us the first Sunday of each month when the sacrament of communion is offered to all who wish to participate in new life through Christ.

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