Funeral / Memorial

When a death occurs, the immediate family is encouraged to notify the church as soon as possible to plan a funeral or memorial service. A funeral is usually held a few days after the death and a memorial service is held when some time has passed since the death. Both services offer a remembrance of life and a celebration of the God's promises of eternal life.  At a funeral, a casket or urn is present. At a memorial service, an urn may be present.

The worship service is scheduled at an hour convenient to the family, the church, the pastor, and the funeral home if one is involved. Graveside services at a local or other cemetery or columbarium may follow the funeral or memorial service in the church, or by special arrangement with the pastor.

If the deceased was part of a masonic order or served in the military, representatives of those organizations may be involved in a service at a funeral home or at the graveside service when coordinated with the presiding pastor.

Please contact us at the church office if we can serve your family at such as time as this, or to pre-plan your service if you wish to participate in making arrangements for this last chapter of life.

First Parish Church has an exceptional organist and Director of Music to serve you on this special occasion. We also offer a number of excellent soloists who are honored to sing at funerals.  You may also arrange your own soloist.
Soloists usually rehearse with the organist 90 minutes before the service. Soloists should come to the service with copies of their music for the organist.


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