The following are the Covid-19 Protocols for Facility Rentals.  Contact the Parish Office for questions or availability of space at 207-363-3758 or

Required Protocols for Gatherings

All events, gatherings and activities must be registered with the Parish Office listing location, time, date and duration.  A contact person must be designated.

The contact person will sign a Facility Use form and waiver of liability form to be kept in the office.

If gathering indoors there will be a limit of 20 attendees.

The contact person must maintain a list of attendees including their contact information.

Masks are optional.

One-way walkway or paths are to be established whenever possible.

Upon arrival, attendees are to answer health screening questions.

Adequate sanitizers and other hygienic and cleaning supplies will be available before, during and after the gathering. Use these supplies as needed. These supplies will be provided by the church.

Ensure proper ventilation indoors by opening windows and doors. 

Singing or yelling is not allowed.

Restroom use should be limited to one person at a time.

The kitchen is closed for now.  There should be no food or drink offered until further notice.

Limit the duration of the activity and discourage congregating indoors after the event.

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