Sunday School

Children are always welcome to join in worship throughout the Sunday service. Since we are a family-friendly church, our service features a children's message, as well as nursery care and church school. Infant and toddler nursery care is provided down the inside stairs to the right of the front entrance in the nursery beyond the church lounge. It is staffed by trained caretakers. Children 4 years or older can stay with their families in church until after the Children's Message when they are escorted (or you may feel free to accompany them and return to worship) by the church school staff to their classrooms. After worship, you can collect your children in the Nursery and in the Fellowship Hall during coffee hour.

Church School

Led by Janet Cassidy, our teachers offer engaging and enriching lessons full of activities, crafts, games, discussions, and the occasional fun video. Our current curriculum is provided by DIG IN, and caters to multiple different learning styles, holding children's attention all while building relationships and deepening faith formation.  In the 2019-2020 school year, we are “Digging into the Heart of God,” which brings a fresh approach to growing a lifelong relationship with God. As kids explore God’s character throughout the Bible, God transforms them from the inside out. Kids discover what it means to reflect God's heart in everyday life.

Help Us to Help Others

Together, we can bring Christ's word and work to the world.