Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Estimates of Giving
from the Stewardship Committee

1. I don’t pledge but I put money in the offering plate when it is passed. Isn’t that the same thing?

There are different ways to give, but by pledging, you are helping the church plan for expenses and revenue. The Assessors make an annual budget, based on our pledges received, not on the Sunday morning “loose plate” offerings. It is truly very important for each member family of the church to make an Estimate of Giving each year, no matter the size.

2. Are there other reasons why I should be pledging instead of giving as I go?

Oh yes, we’re glad you asked! By pledging you are fully participating in the life of the church, and we promise it will make you feel more connected to your church family. Also, when you pledge, you are giving the church Assessors a defined amount upon which they can depend. When you give as you go, your giving will most likely depend on your attendance – not always, but in general this is found to be true.

3. What if I feel I can’t pledge “enough?”

Please know that the amount of your pledge is not what is important. The act of making a faith commitment and joining in helping the Assessors do their job for all of us is what is important. If your financial circumstances are uncertain, we suggest estimating at a level comfortable for you.

4. What if my financial circumstances change after I’ve made my Estimate of Giving? May I change my estimate?

Absolutely, you can decrease or increase your Estimate of Giving at any time and you need not offer any explanation. Life changes in ways we cannot foresee, and we fully appreciate that. If this happens you can either simply submit a revised Estimate of Giving or contact our financial secretary, Per Jonas, directly. All correspondences concerning pledges are completely confidential.

5. I give a tremendous amount of time to our church and feel that my time is my pledge. Don’t you agree?

There’s no question that our church depends on all of us to give of our time, our talent and our treasure as we can. We are blessed with the talent we share in our church, and the church would simply not function without the time given by so many dedicated volunteers. If your financial circumstances are such that you truly cannot make a dollar donation, sharing your time and/or your talent is a treasured gift. We ask everyone who can afford to support the church financially to do so with an Estimate of Giving, at the level that is suitable to your circumstances. Our pledges pay for those expenses that cannot be donated by our time and our talent – salaries, benefits, oil, electricity, office supplies, buildings’ maintenance, etc.

6. Is my Estimate of Giving confidential?

All faith based pledges are honored and respected and are held with strict confidentiality.

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