Bangor Theological Center

Bangor Theological Center is a UCC related ministry think tank that sponsors educational events, projects, and research inquiries in the fields of religion, spirituality, practical theology and ministry. First Parish supports the BTC with a financial contribution.

Boston Project Ministries

Boston Project Ministries engages neighbors and volunteers to build and nuture strong communities characterized by God's shalom (Peace). Their long term strategy focuses their efforts on corner-by-corner neighborhood revitalization, involving local youth and adults in decision making and community action. In BPM's urban context, shalom implies safe and non-violent streets, healthy relationships, a thriving local economy, and a living Christian witness. First Parish youth volunteer annually to help BPM serve its mission and our Church supports them financially.

Common Cathedral Ecclesiastical Ministries

Common Cathedral Ecclesiastical Ministries is an outdoor congregation, housed and unhoused, sharing God's love through community, pastoral care, creative expression and worship on Boston Common. CCEM is nonprostelytizing and ecumenical. They welcome and support all people. They serve as an important community for people experiencing homelessness and for faith communities who want to be in relationship with unhoused individuals and their friends. Our youth joined together for worship on Boston Common and our Mission Board has supported them financially over the years.

Congregational Library

Congregational Library is an internationally recognized resource for scholars, religious leaders and local churches. The library resides in Congregational House (1898) in the heart of Boston's Beacon Hill. Both the Congregational Library and Archives and this building embody the core commitment of its founding tradition, to advance democratic values and to foster the common good. First Parish supports its library.

Four Directions

Four Directions is a low interest housing loan program that First Parish supports for Maine Native Americans.

Maine Seacoast Mission

Maine Seacoast Mission provides spiritual, health and youth development programs in coastal and island communities from mid coast to Downeast Maine. The mission offers hope, encouragement and help to strengthen individuals, families and communities. First Parish extends financial support to MCM.

Pilgrim Lodge

Pilgrim Lodge, owned and operated by the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ, is a retreat center and summer camp on Lake Cobbosseecontee in West Gardiner, Maine. First Parish provides scholarship assistance for youth who attend.

Pumpkin Patch Ministry

Pumpkin Patch Ministry The Hopi and Zuni Native Americans send us approximately 3000 (a ¾ full 18 wheeler truck load ) of pumpkins from across the country to celebrate the harvest season in our community. Two thirds of the proceeds from the sale of pumpkins are returned to the tribe. 211 volunteers served over 335 hours during the three week period of this wonderful pumpkin ministry and plans are already set for a full load of pumpkins this year.

Youth Mission Trip

Youth Mission Trip is a popular ministry with our youth. This year over 40 youth and chaperones from our church and community will go to Charlotte, NY. (near Rochester) where they will participate with Group Mission Trips in a Work Camp (with church groups from all over the country) to demonstrate Jesus' love and compassion in tangible ways, serving real people in need while working on projects like building wheelchair ramps and handrails, reconstructing sagging porches, significant painting projects, interior and exterior carpentry and other repair projects that the homeowner cannot otherwise complete. Group Mission Trips passion is creating service experiences to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus and each other. Our youth hold various fundraisers to help with expenses and First Parish helps with funding and providing scholarships for youth attending.

Help Us to Help Others

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