The Oasis - May 6, 2020

Author: Pastor Dan Hollis
May 06, 2020

May 6, 2020
by Pastor Dan

     It is so strange to see signs of new life right now. The sun has been shining so often lately, and fresh green is sprouting from the garden in the front of my home. Birds are singing. Easter has come, and with it it brought resurrection.
     But not for us, eh? At least that’s how it feels sometimes. While the world outside awakes from its slumber, and Christ walks the Earth proclaiming new life everlasting, we continue to live in a winter of our own. For us, Christ’s three days in the tomb feels like an eternity.
     Yet and still, new life comes. No matter the struggles we face, the Earth revolves around the sun, the axis of our glimmering orb angles us toward that glowing orb that sustains us, and (in the words of Jeff Goldblum) “life… uh… finds a way.”
     As above, so below. As without, so within. Spring is coming to this land, bringing with it resurrection—new life. And Spring will come to you, bringing with it new and flourishing life. It is only a matter of time.
     Until then… open your windows. Get some sun on your face. Put out a birdfeeder, sit back and watch, and let life… uh… find a way.

The following is the Call to Worship from the Maine Conference of the UCC’s online worship for April 19, 2020. May its words comfort your soul and stir it to new life.

One: When the doors of the house were locked and the world was kept out,
Many: resurrection found the disciples.
One: When we are quarantined in our homes and the world waits outside,
Many: resurrection finds us.
One: When fear paralyzes and doubts demand proof,
Many: resurrection found the disciples.
One: When faith without proof leads us to believe,
Many: resurrection finds us.
One: When other signs are witnessed but not recorded,
Many: resurrection found the disciples.
One: When Christ gathers with all his followers in living worship – online and in-person,
Many: resurrection finds us.

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