The Oasis - September 4, 2019

Author: Rev. Dan Hollis
September 04, 2019

September 4, 2019
by Pastor Dan

     Being family isn’t just about being related to someone, is it? We have to take part in that family. We have to set the table, do the dishes, mow the lawn, feed the cat, change the diapers, pay the bills, play the board games, and smile and nod when drunk Uncle Vic starts going on about his opinions on immigration during Thanksgiving Dinner. To any parents reading this today, have you ever made a covenant with your children? Did you promise them that you would keep a roof over their head, food on their table, and love in their hearts? And what did they promise you? Did they promise to do their homework, to clean their room once in a while, to stop annoying their siblings? That’s a covenant. Just as sure as God’s covenant with Abraham in the Book of Genesis.

     “I am God Almighty; walk before me, and be blameless. And I will make my covenant between me and you, and will make you exceedingly numerous.”  Genesis 17:1b

     God promised Abraham that his descendents would be as numerous as the stars of the sky, that—in a very “Lion King” moment—everywhere the light touches will be theirs, and that God would betheir God forever.
     As a part of Jesus’ family we are beloved children of God—adopted by Christ into the family of Abraham—and God has promised us many things.
     Throughout the Bible we hear of God’s promises. Psalm 22 tells us that God will not despise the afflicted, and that God will hear those who cry out. God promises us that the poor shall eat and be satisfied, and that our hearts shall live forever! God promises us that our kind shall, in the words of the late Leonard Nimoy, live long and prosper!
     So what do we  do? What do we  promise? What is our  part of this covenant with God? Abraham promised to walk before God, to have faith and act in righteousness. Just like two links in a chain, God went halfway, but it was up to Abraham to be the other half. He had faith that God’s promises would be fulfilled, and he stepped up and walked.  And together, both their promises were fulfilled.
     How will you  walk before God? What will you promise? How will you live into your place in God’s family?

Pastor Dan’s Song of the Week:  “Crazy on You,” by Heart

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