The Oasis - April 7, 2024

Author: Rev. Eric Dupee
April 03, 2024

Dear FPC Members and Friends,
I’m very grateful for a rich Holy Week and Easter celebration! Thank you to everyone who made it so meaningful. The sounds, the visuals, the tastes, and the fellowship made Lent and Easter very special. For the fun of it, I was thinking of sharing some of the Easter attendance numbers, but I’ll go beyond. I offer you a quick version of First Parish Church by the Numbers:

Number of in-person worshippers at the 2024 10am Easter service: 343
Number of views of the 2024 Easter service recording on our YouTube Channel:136
Average Sunday School attendance since September 2023: 7.5
FPC members received in 2023: 28
The number of those members received through Confirmation: 7
Average in-person worship attendance in February 2024: 151
Average in-person worship attendance in March 2024: 132
Total number of burials at First Parish Cemetery in 2023: 88
The number of cremation burials: 55


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