The Oasis - April 8, 2020

Author: Rev. Estelle Margarones
April 08, 2020

April 8, 2020
Rev. Estelle Margarones

This is Holy Week, the week between Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) and Christ’s Resurrection (Easter). A lot happened in that week and we are experiencing it this year as we have never done before.  There is a sense of solemnity and a longing for hope that is likely akin to that which the disciples felt.

At First Parish, we chose not to hold virtual Holy Thursday or Good Friday services as both of those services call to mind a painful time. In the midst of living through a pandemic, we didn’t want to intentionally cause you to experience more darkness. 

Yet, we sit together in this time. Together with our congregation, and together with others all over the world, we sit with our fears and our laments for what was and what may be. We sit in this time of not knowing what is next…when the stay-at-home will end….who will be well…what things will look like afterward….  

We are going through extraordinary times.  Friends, it’s okay to feel your feelings.  Know that we can and will get through this week because Christ LIVES.  Because of the Resurrection, even though the whole world right now is experiencing grief, as Christians, we can also have relief--because of our belief! 

My Greek grandmother had a makeshift altar in her home, complete with icons and incense, and she spent time in prayer there every day. There’s something to be said for making space for Jesus in your home and worshipping God wherever you are! 

I’ll share some exercises below that you may choose to enter into fully or partially so that you may observe a reflective Holy Week at home. I’ve adapted the exercises below from Lilly Lewin’s offering, Holy Week Centerpiece 2020, at If you’d like to participate fully, gather the object prior your time of reflection.

Rev. Estelle


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