The Oasis-October 19, 2022

Author: Rev. Eric Dupee
October 19, 2022

     One of the most important annual activities that happens in the life of the church is just getting started. The Nominations Committee has begun it’s work of identifying folks to be in leadership positions and to serve on the various boards and committees of the church in 2023. I wanted you to be aware that you might receive a phone call or an email from a member of the Nominations team.

     If you receive such a contact, that means you have been identified as someone with the spiritual gifts that would allow you to be an asset on one of the church’s committees. Many times, when church folk are invited to serve on a committee, they feel unprepared or inadequate. That is a natural reaction to being called into service. The prophet Jeremiah resisted God’s call by claiming, “I am only a boy.” The prophet Isaiah resisted his call saying, “I am a man of unclean lips.”

     I hope you will prayerfully consider being a part of the church leadership in 2023, even if you don’t feel qualified. If you have a particular skill or interest and would like to inquire about being on a board or committee, I invite you to contact me or anyone on the Nominations team: Heidi Oliver, Richard Leigh, Per Jonas, Tracy Pepin, and Bryce Waldrop. We would welcome the chance to talk to you about where your spiritual gifts meet the needs of the church.

     On another topic, I hope you’ll join us for our last “Uniting for Creation” stewardship discussion group this Sunday 10/23. Linda Drew, a member of the Creation Care Committee, will offer some words. Please join members and friends during Coffee Hour to share your thoughts.



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