The Oasis - March 23, 2022

Author: Rev. Eric Dupee
March 23, 2022

Rev. Eric Dupee
     Today’s submission in our 2022 Lenten Devotional booklet is a photo of flowers that could have only been taken on Easter Sunday. The colors are extraordinary. The photo exudes joy! I purposely placed that photo at about the midway point in Lent. I anticipated that for anyone, like myself, that is fasting or going without some source of comfort, like chocolate or alcohol, this photo could be a sign of hope. Easter is less than one month away. Hang in there! Easter will be here before you know it.
     I also love that photo for today, because the world can seem a bit dreary right now. Leaves have not begun to appear on the trees. Things still look very brown and beige. The fighting in Ukraine continues. The images on the news can be depressing. Today, is a good day to get a reminder of the beauty of God’s creation. I believe God works to make all things new. The Lord invites humanity to be coworkers in that project. If today’s photo of beautiful and fragrant flowers can bring a little joy and hope into our day, that’s a good thing.
     Even if you have not joined us for one of our discussions on the Lenten Devotional, I hope you will consider joining us either Sunday morning after worship in Fellowship Hall, or on Wednesday night at 7 PM via Zoom. Just contact me or Betty in the office for the zoom link. 
Lenten Prayer Walk: April 2, 2022 @9:00am
During Lent, I like to bring some kind of focus to prayer. This year I will lead and teach a form of prayer involving movement or walking. It is not complicated and the walking will not be strenuous. We will meet at the entrance to the First Parish Cemetery behind the church and Town Hall, not the main entrance on York St. I will provide instructions. We will walk as a group for a time, and I will invite you to walk on your own, at your own pace. My hope is that once you learn this prayer form, you will be able to use it, whenever you choose, as you walk the many beautiful trails and beaches in our region. This will happen rain or shine. Please contact me with any questions. -Pastor Eric

Holy Week at First Parish

During Holy Week, our worship experiences are designed to lead us through the events surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus. By attending these services, we not only hear the story, we enter into it. The story becomes part of us in a deeper and more meaningful way. As we go from Palm Sunday, to the Lord’s Supper, to crucifixion, and resurrection, the ancient story of death and resurrection becomes our story. We hope you will join us for our Holy Week services:

April 10, 2022  Palm Sunday – At 9:30am worship, receive a palm branch and join the crowds 
shouting,“ Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.”
April 14, 2022  Maundy Thursday – At 7:00pm we will gather in Fellowship Hall and celebrate               Holy Communion as Jesus did with his disciples on the night before his death.
April 15, 2022  Good Friday – At 7:00pm, in the sanctuary, join us for a Service of Tenebrae (darkness) in which we mark the death of Jesus.
April 17, 2022  Easter Sunrise Service – At 5:45am we will gather with Union Congregational Church at the Nubble Lighthouse to meet the sunrise and praise God. 
Easter Service at 9:30am in the sanctuary
Children’s Easter Egg Hunt following the 9:30am service (roughly 10:30am)
Easter service 11:00am in the sanctuary

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