The Oasis - January 9, 2019

Author: Rev. Estelle Margarones
January 09, 2019

Dear friends,
On Sunday we celebrated Epiphany, a special day in the church that marks the time when the Magi arrived to pay homage (respect) to infant or toddler Jesus. My message was based on Matthew, chapter 2, verses 1-16. I focused on the star as light in darkness, pointing the way to Jesus and signifying that He would bring the light of hope to the world. There were a number of directions I could have taken with the sermon, but all would have led to Jesus. 

The Bible is a rich resource that remains constant, but can appear to reveal new information every time you pick it up. It truly is a multifaceted book, with rich offerings for all the different circumstances of your life. Through your reading, you may have an epiphany. 

The word epiphany is associated with a sudden realization that somehow transforms the person having the experience. It may mean that one has a flash of insight or a sudden understanding. Oprah Winfrey calls these “lightbulb moments”. When we have them, we say we've been enlightened or illuminated. 

In the very beginning, God said, “let there be light” and light became associated with God. In Matthew's gospel, we learn that the Magi are “from the East”, which is where the sun rises. This description would have been a clue to the early Biblical audience that God was involved. Have there been times in your life when you've “seen the light” and known that God was involved? 

The star led the Magi to Jesus. Have you ever felt God guiding you toward something? Do you look for Jesus today? (Where have you found him?) What gifts can you offer him? 

At the time of Christ's birth, Judea was a troubled region (perhaps noted by the darkness surrounding the Magi as they traveled) and yet it was in the midst of strife that that God chose to come into the world. When you experience dark times in your life (and all of us do), know that Christ is there! You are not alone. May His light give you hope and lead you through.

Q&A with new Interim Senior Pastor, Rev. Estelle Margarones 
(“Here's where I'm going to try share answers to all of the things I've been asked!”- Rev. Estelle)
You're from Maine? Yes! I grew up in Lewiston and Old Orchard Beach. 
Are you married? Not at this time. 
Do you have children? I'm a cat mom and one of the best aunts in the world.
Where did you come from? My previous church was in Scituate, MA and I lived in Quincy, MA.
And before that? I served in Lynnfield, Weymouth, and Braintree MA and lived in Newburyport, Weymouth, Southborough, and Natick, MA. 
How long have you been a minister? I was ordained in 2005.
What do you love about your job? Interfacing with people! I appreciate being able to provide pastoral care. It's very gratifying to be able to be with someone when they're feeling fragile. I also love to inspire folks wherever they are, whether inside or outside of church. 
What do you do for fun? I love to spend time with friends, go to yoga class, spend time at the beach (especially off season), and pour through treasures at yard sales and antiques markets.
What do you like to be called? My preference is Reverend Estelle, but Pastor Estelle, Rev Estelle and Estelle are all fine, too! 

Important Schedule/Contact Information:
Schedule: Rev. Estelle's regular work week is Sunday-Thursday. Monday is typically a writing day.
Contact Information:, 207-363-3758, Estelle Minister on facebook (Rev. Estelle doesn't use facebook messenger.)
Pastoral Care Emergencies: During office hours, please call 207-363-3758. Office Manager Betty Roker will always be able to reach a pastor. For urgent /acute emergency pastoral care when the office is closed, please call 207-358-9776. Pastor Estelle and Pastor Dan will share on-call responsibilities. The same number will reach whichever pastor is on call at the time. 


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