The Oasis - March 29, 2023

Author: Rev. Dan Hollis
March 29, 2023

Look at all this! What’s going on? I may be just a little kid from Bethany, but I know something big when I see it! I’ve just… gotta get… to the front… if all these people would just get their stupid legs out of the way. Wow… I’ve never seen anything like this! People are throwing their stuff on the ground. Palm leaves and… coats? They’re throwing their coats on the road in front of that donkey! They’re gonna get…  donkey poo on their coats! Ha-ha! This is the best day ever! And who’s that guy riding the donkey? Everybody’s cheering for him, he looks so cool! Everybody’s looking at him, and… HE JUST SMILED AT ME! Right at me! I don’t know why he’s got tears in his eyes, but… but I do too. There’s just so much energy and feeling everywhere and we’re all caught up in it! It’s amazing! I heard some lady in the crowd say the man’s name was Jesus. I wanna be just like Jesus when I grow up! Jesus! Over here!

Pastor Dan

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