The Oasis - June 28, 2023

Author: Rev. Dan Hollis
June 28, 2023

With Sunday School done for the school year, it’s nice to look back on all the things our young people learned through crafts, games, interactive Bible stories, and outdoor adventures. This year we explored the famous Psalm 23, Jesus’ most-quoted sermon “The Beatitudes,” the stories of Christ’s birth and the first Palm Sunday, and we followed God’s people on their journey from the Garden of Eden all the way to the Promised Land and beyond. We built arks, smashed eggs, made our own flutes, and lifted weights. We laughed and learned about the love of God. We’re so grateful for all the teachers and assistants who made Sunday School such a welcoming place, and as our class numbers increase we’re always looking for more help. And as our classrooms rest over summer vacation, let’s all look back on what the kids learned this year… I think we can learn from them, too.

God blesses those who struggle
God blesses us
God can give us rest
God can guide us
God created us for a reason
God doesn’t want us to get hurt
God gave us a lot to learn from animals
God gives us do-overs
God gives us friends
God has a big picture through ups and downs
God helps us make things right
God helps us see people through God’s eyes
God is bigger than our fears
God is on our side
God is with us in hard times
God lets us choose between right and wrong
God loves us even when we go along with the crowd
God saw that the world was good
God takes care of us through others
God wants to get our attention
God wants what’s best for us
God works through unlikely people
Jesus came to earth for all of us
Jesus is a different kind of King
Live in hope, peace, joy, and love

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