The Oasis - May 31, 2023

Author: Rev. Dan Hollis
May 31, 2023

     “Breathe deep, seek peace.” A favorite mantra of mine since I was a kid, taken from a favorite book by James Gurney. Do you need to feel the peace of God? Then take a moment to breathe.
     “Ruach” is an ancient Hebrew word that can mean wind, breath, or spirit. Our breath fills us, sustains us, renews us. When we breathe in, we take in the Spirit of the universe. When we breathe out, we let that Spirit clean the deepest corners of us and carry that stale air out and away. Just like fresh oxygen entering our lungs, in the breath of the Spirit comes new life, new energy. In the breath of the Spirit comes a profound calm and centeredness. In the breath of the Spirit comes even wisdom—a clarity of mind and a newness of perception.
     Healthy or sick, we have to remember to breathe. Whether we can fill our lungs or only take shallow breaths, we all need air. But in times of uncertainty and anxiety, we often forget to take time to breathe. Let us remember there was a time Jesus himself rested in the boat even as a storm raged around them.
     Breathe with me. Breathe in the love of God and breathe out hate. Breathe in the hope of God and breathe out despair. Breathe in the peace of God and breathe out discord. Breathe deeply. Feel the presence of God in you, through you, and around you.

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