Pastor's Pen - August 8, 2018

Author: Rev. Anna V. Copeland
August 08, 2018

The Pastor’s Pen                

“The Kingdom of God is like: a mustard seed, yeast, a pearl, a chlld…”

                                    The Parables of Jesus as recorded by Matthew and Luke

 Memory offers the gift of time; whole chunks of childhood appear unbidden when out for a walk. My Dad showed up recently. Though now gone to glory, his face appeared clear as a bell. It made me curious about what he wanted, and apparently he, the engineer with a wry and dry sense of humor, wanted me to lighten up, laugh a little. He’s the last person on earth I’d expect to deliver that message, yet I can only trust that as we become our truest and best selves in heaven, my father now has a delightful sense of humor that eluded him on earth.


As I sat to write out some deep and weighty devotional this week, my dad reminded me that it’s summer, and everybody’s feeling a little playful or should be. “Tell them about the Tater Family”, he said. “Oh Dad, that’s so old.” 

“Yup, but tell them again,” he said. “It’s the hottest day of the year and that’s about as much theology as anybody can stand in August.”

So in case you’ve never met them, let me introduce you to the Tater Family. You may have met them at a summer gathering, that side of your family nobody wants to talk about. And yet, perhaps you have already discovered to your chagrin that you are kin. 

First there are those in the Tater family who love controversy and drama. They are called Hot Taters. Every family has a Dick Tater, someone bossy who likes to tell others what to do. If you’re the one who always organizes the gathering and creates the main dish, then you’re well acquainted with the Spec Taters. They’re content to sit on the sidelines and criticize others for how they use their gifts.  It wouldn’t be a family if there weren’t at least a couple of Comment Taters. It takes two; always gossiping and looking for others who back up their point of view or agree with them. Then there are the Hezzie Taters. They know what to do, and they want to want to do it, yet they are reluctant to act and to do the right thing when the opportunity presents itself. 

If you’ve already spent more time with the Tater family this summer than you would like, send them home, or at least up to Acadia for a week. In the unlikely event that someone feels that way about you, this is your chance to become a Sweet Tater. 

Sweet Taters are Kingdom people who always do what they sat they’ll do, and who look for ways to support the other members of the Tater Family. They make the world a little lighter for everyone they meet. The Kingdom of God is like the Tater Family. It’s never too late to become one of God’s Sweet Taters. What kind of Tater are you?

Prayer: God, just for today, grant me a lightness of heart to bring sweetness and delight to all I meet in your name. Amen

God’s grace, mercy and peace,

Pastor Anna V. Copeland






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