The Oasis - August 30, 2023

Author: Rev. Dan Hollis
August 30, 2023

     Nothing has given me more of a complex the last few years than having to see myself on video over and over and over again. They say everyone hates the sound of their own voice, because our own voice sounds different in our heads than it does when it’s played back to us from a recording. Well, by now I most certainly know what my own voice sounds like (and I’m so sorry for having to inflict it upon you every Sunday!).

     However, the upside of Pastor Eric and I allowing our mugs on the internet has been an inspiring expansion of the ministry of First Parish Church. Not only does hosting our worship services and extra videos online allow members of the congregation to go back and get a reminder of what the pastors said in the weekly sermon, it has also given congregants a chance to share anthems, prayers, and messages with friends and family, allowed members of our church family to worship with us from home when sick, stationary, or living states or even countries away, and provided folks who would never have stepped foot in First Parish—or even York—the ability to seek God alongside all of us. And one thing I personally love about having an online presence for our ministries is that it gives folks a chance to get to know our church without fear. What would I see if I walked through those doors? Is this church right for me? Is First Parish a safe place for me and my loved ones? I know my answer to those questions, and I think anyone tuning in to our online worship for the first time would come to the same conclusion as me.

     As our ministry continues to evolve year after year, so too does our online presence. In the coming year, we will be seeing an updated website, new online content, and a completely revamped sound system. And there’s something else we could use YOUR help with! We are looking for a few folks who might be interested on a rotating basis to pop in to the YouTube text chat during Sunday worship on behalf of the church to greet our online viewers, make them feel welcome and maybe even get to know them a little, and pass on any prayer requests they may have. It’s completely text-only, very easy to do, and myself and Sue Wierzba—the head of the Welcoming Committee—would be very happy to talk with anyone who is curious to learn more. We want our congregation to feel the love, especially if they aren’t here in person to shake hands and share smiles, and your messages could really make a difference. So please do reach out if you’d like to know more about what we’re looking for.

God be with you, wherever you are!

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