The Oasis - November 3, 2021

Author: Rev. Eric Dupee
November 03, 2021

     Greeting First Parish Church! I just wanted to share a few items with you. Relating to this Sunday, when daylight savings time ends and we “fall back” an hour, we will celebrate communion. Don’t forget to change your clock. We will have the packaged communion elements, but we invite you to bring your own. If you don’t like the little packages, feel free to being your own bread and juice in a bottle or jar. If it is more convenient, you are welcome to use the packaged juice and your own bread. 
     In our ongoing efforts to “get back to normal,” we will take another small step this Sunday. The hymnals will be back in the pews. The key is continuing to wear masks. We ask that you don’t sing without a mask. The CDC still recommends masks for gathering indoors and we would like to comply in efforts to keep people safe. If you are interested in learning about the “transmission metric” we use to make these difficult decisions, feel free to look here:

     Lastly, Monday was All Saints Day. We celebrate the lives of all our loved ones who died this past year. Those on our membership rolls include: Roberta Watson, Ruth Nau, Norma Pease, Eldridge Elkhorn, Dorothy Gerry-Bartholomew, Karen Ida Peterson, and Paul Gustafson. Peace be with all those who remember these loved ones fondly.


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