The Oasis - December 28, 2022

Author: Rev. Eric Dupee
December 28, 2022

            I want to thank everyone for such a wonderful Advent and Christmas season. From the decorations in and around the church, to the Advent book conversations, to the music that lifts our spirits, to the response to the various charitable opportunities, there was much to feed the soul.
            In my Christmas Eve 8pm service sermon, I spoke about the characters in the Christmas story being guided by God. I thought I would share the closing of the sermon as the 12 days of Christmas continue and New Year’s Day approaches. Perhaps you and I might resolve to live a more God-guided life in 2023. The following is what I said:
            Lastly, to live a God-guided life, one must be able to take direction. A U.S. Naval vessel was traveling up the coast. When they see a light off in the distance directly in their path, the captain says, “Get on the radio and ask that ship ahead to change course.” The radio operator says, “Attention ahead, this is a U. S. Naval vessel, please change your course.”
            A moment later, a response comes back. “Negative, you change your course.” The captain says, “Get back on that radio and reiterate that this is a U. S. naval vessel and they are required to change course.” The radio operator sends the message. A moment later, a response comes back. “Negative, you change your course.”
            The captain grabs the radio and says, “Now here this. This is a United States naval vessel and I am ordering you to change course. This is the captain!” A moment later, a response comes back. "Negative, you change your course. This is the lighthouse.” 
            The Gospel of John tells us Jesus is the light of the world. God provides light to guide us and keep us on course. By the light of a star, God guided the Wise Men to Jesus.
            If things aren’t quite the way you want them to be, if you’re looking for something different in your life, ask yourself these questions. Do I make space in my life for God to get a word in edgewise? When was the last time I allowed my mind to be changed? And can I take direction from someone who has a better perspective than me?
            For Mary and Joseph, those three things made all the difference. Merry Christmas!

            Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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