The Oasis - March 6, 2024

Author: Rev. Dan Hollis
March 06, 2024

On February 25th, at First Parish’s Annual Meeting, a team of volunteers provided a presentation for First Parish’s upcoming Capital Campaign, which focused on much-needed improvements and deferred maintenance for the buildings that make up our church’s campus. There will be more information to come, and opportunities for everyone to be involved in this important communal effort in a variety of different ways. Below is a link to the slide presentation shown at Annual Meeting—due to a variety of factors, it was difficult to see on the day-of, so I present it here for you to view and share around. It includes some striking drone footage of the church steeple from angles few have ever seen, and features a cameo appearance of a large bird roosting on the steeple’s weathervane! Any of the names at the end of the video would be more than happy to talk to you about the campaign, its needs and goals, and ways you can be involved in this important chapter in our historic church’s history. Click the link below for the presentation!


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