The Oasis - April 6, 2022

Author: Rev. Eric Dupee
April 06, 2022

     In Sunday’s sermon, I spoke about how, in 1882, the First Parish congregation decided to lift the church building and rotate it 90% so the entrance would face the main street. I think that’s a wonderful image for the desire to face and engage the community. This week, it occurred to me there are significant things that happen on the First Parish front yard, right along the street.
     You may have noticed the yellow Planet Aid textile bin on the front lawn of the Parish House. That will be there for a few weeks to draw attention to the fact that plastic waste is not our only challenge. There are efforts underway to handle textile waste as well. We encourage the community to bring old linens, towels, small rugs, curtains, etc. etc. to the bin. I was outside yesterday, when it was being emptied. It was full after one week. The bin is serving its purpose.
     Today, I was out on the front yard during the YCSA Food Pantry collection. Church members were out on the sidewalk assisting motorists with bags of groceries. At the time I happened by, over $800 was collected for the food pantry! Members of the York community stepped up once again with wonderful generosity. 
     At First Parish, we are finding ways to “face the street.” In recent years, the pumpkin patch has been another opportunity to engage the community in a meaningful way. Thank you to everyone who make these efforts possible. 
     Next week is Holy Week! Please take note of our Holy Week services and events. We will be passing out palm branches this Sunday for Palm Sunday. 


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